SFI was was invented 3 years ago by Robert K. Strauss, J.D., winner of the 1998 Trusts & Estates Magazine EPIC Award for best insurance program. SFI has been praised for its conservative design and has been approved by several prominent insurance companies.

Express Turnaround

We treat every SFI case with extreme urgency. In most cases, your custom designed SFI proposals are analyzed, illustrated, spreadsheeted, charted and returned to you in just a few hours. Your hot prospects won't cool down waiting for us.

Complete Confidentiality

Your case information and your clients' medical and financial information are important to us. We never share or sell to third party marketers. During the routine course of business, we use SSL and AES 256-bit encryption to both transfer and store sensitive data.

Case Management

We oversee every aspect of each SFI case from insurance application and underwriting to collateral management, loan acquisition and even loan renewal. You and your clients will always get the professional assistance you deserve.

from case design, advanced planning integration, securing the financing, and follow-up funding after the first year, the Network is unlike any organization I have ever worked with. --chris jacob


Chris Jacob CFPCadeau, LLC

SFI adds a whole new dimension to advanced life insurance planning applications.  Whether it's death benefit or super-charged tax-advantaged retirement income, SFI blows away traditional funding vehicles without the risk of typical premium financing programs.  After 29 years in the financial industry, it has made the business new all over again.

Pete Hibbard Columbia Benefits

I was introduced to SFI in 2011 and I thought it was special then, and now it’s even more special. After 40+ years in the pension business, until I understood SFI, I was convinced there was no better way to save for retirement than in a qualified plan. The paradigm shift is that I no longer believe that. SFI is a better and far more efficient generator of retirement income for a qualified business owner or professional.

Bob Ritter InsMark, Inc.

For three years I’ve been looking for a premium financing resource to generate data for our Premium Financing Illustration System. We settled on SFI due to Bob Strauss’ astonishing calculation skills as well as his marketing knowledge. In addition, Bob holds the key to completing transactions -- the bank connections. We are really pleased to be partnering with SFI.